Key Commitments

The 7 Key Commitments are principles which Members of Happy to Translate agree to incorporate into their business.

A Happy to Translate organisation will…

  1. Promote equal access to information and services for all people and communities by helping them to overcome language and communication barriers.
  2. Implement and maintain a high standard of customer service to improve access to information and services.
  3. Provide professional language and communication support to service users according to the Happy to Translate best practice guidance.
  4. Establish and maintain staff training and support on the use of Happy to Translate.
  5. Actively display and promote the Happy to Translate logo to the communities it serves and according to the Logo Design Guidelines.
  6. Monitor and evaluate the use of Happy to Translate and actively share and implement ideas for improvement.
  7. When possible, participate in a joined-up approach with other organisations to promote language and communication support.

All Happy to Translate member organisations are committed to upholding the Key Commitments.

The HTT initiative helps us to be accessible to all of our stakeholders. The logo in particular is a fantastic tool - attractive, simple and instantly recognisable. We put it on the front of all of our publications: it's an asset to our brand.

Jenny Copland, Publications Co-ordinator, Corporate Planning, Communications and Involvement Team, Care Inspectorate

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