We support organisations to engage with customers who speak little or no English.

We support organisations to engage with customers who speak little or no English.

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Happy to Translate (HTT) is an award winning national scheme which enables organisations to engage effectively with customers who speak little or no English.

Organisations of all sizes and types in both the public and private sectors can become a member of HTT. Our members are inclusive organisations that are committed to making their services available to all. HTT guidelines help members to embed an ethos of cultural awareness and sensitivity in every aspect of their communications. HTT policies and procedures ensure that customers are not marginalised as a result of language barriers.

HTT tools and processes equip your staff with the skills and knowledge needed to communicate with those who speak little or no English and provide practical assistance. As a member of HTT, your staff will be ready to handle any language issues that arise confidently and professionally.

Members Feedback

The Commission joined HTT two years ago as a way of ensuring it was meeting the needs of all its applicants, irrespective of traditional language barriers. The logo has been successfully incorporated into all of our information literature and is on display throughout the office. We have found this approach to be extremely effective in contributing towards our equality commitments as well as general membership of HTT providing invaluable training, support and value for money.

Chris Reddick, Director of Corporate Services, Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission

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